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Here is what students from CFD Workshop & Rhode Island School of Design CE Program,

ages 9-17, had to say:


What was fun about the class? 

"We got to sew a final project of whatever we wanted."

"I liked learning how to sew and make patterns."

"I loved to design and then sew my project!

"I liked sewing with others and talking with each other."

"Meeting everyone and making our projects."




What did you think about your instructor? 

"Candace is awesome and so nice."

"Candace French was very helpful and knowledgeable and I enjoyed working with her."

"She was very experienced and very helpful."

"Really great approach and individualize support."

"Nice, helpful and prepared."

'She was very helpful, kind, interesting and fun."

Did you make a project that you're proud of? 

"I made a skirt and I can't wait to wear it out!"

"Yes I made a red kimono shawl with purple fringe."

"I made a dress that I will be wearing to an important function."

"I made a pair of shorts which actually fit!"

"I love my dress, I wear it out and get positive feedback."

"I made a pencil skirt that fits me well.

Yes my skirt is BEAUTIFUL!"

What are you better at now that you've taken this class? 


"I can sew a garment that fits me."

"I'm better at cutting patterns and understanding different fabrics."

"I'm more comfortable with sewing darts and making circle skirts. "

"I gained confidence." 

"I can sew pleats and zippers now."

"I'm better at making more professional looking clothing."

"I learned how to make my skirt fit better."

What was the best feedback or advice you received during class?

"To be precise when cutting patterns to make it easier when sewing."

"To be able to look at my ideas differently than before."

"To slow down and work on details.

Every piece of advice was super helpful."

"Candace liked the way I did the waistband although it was different than usual."

Was the class all that you would hoped it would be?

"It was so fun."

"I made such great friends. I love them!"

"This class was exactly what I was looking for."

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