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About Candace

Candace French teaches fashion design, pattern making and construction for RISD/CE's Young Artist Program, the Providence public and private schools as well as for the Candace French Design workshop.

In her early career, she created the first collection of spandex featured in Fiorucci in 1979. At the time, she designed punk rock clothing in New York for bands: Blondie, The Cars, New York Dolls and many others. 

Candace's recent design work has included high performance rowing wear for , the original rain cape, a collaboration with and the specialized chefs apron with 

Her collections include custom wedding gowns, women's fine couture, leather motorcycle suits, bike wear for kids and interior soft furnishings for Anna French; 

Candace creates stage costumes having recently completed Alice in Wonderland, Wind in the Willows, The Emperor's New Clothes, Snow White and Antigone. 

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